пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

On the day the city of Arzamas!

In Arzamas today -. day of. It was first held in mid-summer. Even the heat (37 degrees in the shade ) could not prevent the scheduled plans.

Arzamas - 432 years and is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Nizhny Novgorod Region.

The program sets broad: and entertainment, and festival performances Arzamas Drama, and competitions, and much more.

I had visited on a pedestrian street, Karl Marx, which are:.
- Exhibition-Fair ...
- Fair of Folk Art;.
- Industrial Exhibition ...
- Concert program ...

It was here the first time at the Day of the city were our:. Studio ' Hostess '. organized in a library branch, number 2, with the works.

even with. H. Rybakov, Deputy. Chairman of the City Council Mr.. Arzamas, could not indifferently pass by their work and asked in detail about the head of the library branch № 2 T. and. Kuznetsov.

I looked at the opening of the literary- memorial museum A. P. Gaidar after a 6 -year reconstruction. It is in Arzamas spent his childhood and teenage years Arkady Petrovich. Many of his works are inspired by life in our city.

The building, constructed in 1967. , Was in poor condition. Now before us a handsome two-story. In all the work of reconstruction has been spent around 12 million rubles.

' I grew up in the town of Arzamas. There's a loud buzzing bells of thirty churches, but could not hear the factory whistles ' - said Gaidar. Gone are the days and today Arzamas - a major industrial center. The products of many companies can only be seen in the City Day. For example, military equipment Arzamas Machine Building Plant.

Just today rebyatnya can safely climb a formidable machine. And do not hold out every adult, not to look inside.

(To be continued. ).

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