среда, 6 июня 2012 г.

Feast of the spirit of some

Another saw a similar shield with the word opera. A. efficiency. For me, my word puzzle that wants to bring Alfa- Bank of advertising. What kind of attention? .

I can offer several options for words ( uncensored versions of an internal censor missed ):.

A. dnazn. A. ANT.

A. Bidnyi, slyush. A. th.

A. byrvalg.

PS. Trailer or teaser?.

понедельник, 4 июня 2012 г.

Distribution options for free or statistics for October

Therefore, the statistics will please visit.

a. search engines.

Well we have not built up with love by Yandex. That takes it to the index, it pushes. Therefore, with only 93 Yasha transition. At the time, as with Google, more than 600. And even there are 11 transitions from the Rambler.

2. Yandex, blogs and other blogoservisy.

A strange search engine brings her gifts. This month, 175 transitions blogoyandeksa. And nearly 250 feeds from Yandex. It is amazing but his 77 hits have brought bloglines. ru.

3. A close and dear.

bablorub. ru - 490 hits.
satellite-x. ru - the transition 41.

4. Blogs.

spomoni. com. - 86, then return to the main posts played a role.
burnis. org. - 77, funny, but Dima over the past four months has doubled the number of subscribers.
bomjalex. ru. - 64.
2bl. ru. - 61.
blog. seonews2. com. - 52, and in fact in October was only one post with a report from the Yellow.
govnosite. info. - 32.
chanishvili. org. - 32.

Heh, that's a surprise for me bomzhaleks. With the rest is more or less clear. But the experience of showing that for some reason I am always more.

This month has given elevation in the blog. Alex now hangs near the 220tys. WP5, tITs110. A few places in the blog for advertising is not occupied. handing out slowly.

What are your plans for November? . Provisional title of. AutoBlog-X. You can start recording in the queue. Target audience - the lazy webmaster. At the root of the distribution and the file is filled with scans. You can not scan, there is a big difference. Exhibited in several settings. ONE. file. CHMOD 777 is placed on the. ONE. folder. And we can only deal with promotion of this site. For many months the site will grow with new articles. By the form will be very similar to the blog. Plus the introduction of exchange, plus avtokommentarii and other features that will be ported from Satkha. The architecture is different from Satkha. At least, the problem of global variables, because it will not be. Problems with a delay of execution - also. There will be some limitations, but so that. unique site was made during a comparable time to fill in the hosting. - This has not been. The estimated price for the first month - 20WMZ, then - 30WMZ. For licensees for other products offer discounts.

Another will. Satellite-X Lite 2. 0. - For a new week. Lightyear - to declare and pass the correspondence. Updates are free, but will have to download from the club.

суббота, 2 июня 2012 г.

Madonna - The Confession Tour

Madonna went on a world tour. Previous Tour singer - Re-Invention Tour - clearly demonstrated that among contemporary pop singers it has no equal on the stage. The secret to the success of her concerts in the fact that in addition to great songs (and Madonna's repertoire, as you know, constantly updated with new hits ) ... This is not just a bunch of fireworks and laser effects that accompany some simple ... Madonna creates, not afraid of the expression, synthesis of the arts, bringing together in one indivisible whole music, film ( movies on big screens ) and the theater. For each of these components corresponds to a true master of his craft: so, for The Confessions Tour video created Steven Klein, Jamie King choreography involved, and the costumes painted by Jean- Paul Gaultier.

If you have a slow Internet, just click on the play, will wait until the first shots, and then pause for 1-2 minutes to the film loaded in the cache, and faster than the playback. Press play again. Or, for faster navigation through the Internet and download the video to install the new version of the cache. Mozilla Firefox. or. Google Chrome. Please advise if you notice that the film is removed, the link is not working, blocked - just leave a comment under the material thanks! .